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Bad Bride

Published by Stroker Chase at Smashwords

Copyright 2013 Stroker Chase

Heather buzzed about the crowded room, not sure where to head next.

Anyone want to join me at the bar?”

Vince raised his hand. “Do I even need to answer that?”

No, you don’t.” Heather grabbed him by the arm and tugged him along. She could use a drink. It had been a long couple days of planning. Who knew a wedding could be so much work?

It was hard to see that it would all be over soon. Heather needed to take advantage of every moment. It was great to have so many friendly faces around her, but things were much too hectic in the dining room. A drink was in order.

They headed downstairs to the bar.

She knew Vince well. He worked with her fiance, Mike, and he was often hanging out at their place. He was also one of the groomsmen.

It’s much too crazy up there.”

But as she rounded the corner to the bar, she saw things weren’t much different downstairs. The bar area was packed with college students and a band playing some heavy rock song. Most didn’t even notice the band, instead they chose to take interest in chatting and drinking.

They went to the bar. Vince waved for her to stop.

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