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Autism, Now What?

The Autism Adventure Series

Travis E. Breeding

Published by Travis Breeding at Smashwords.

Copyright 2013 Travis Breeding

All Rights Reserved

“I am not a freak” Tom yelled, as the other kids ran away. To^m went back to stand against the wall as he observed the other children playing on the playground. Tom stood against the wall crying the rest of recess and no one noticed, not even the teachers. At 8 years old, Tom had reached the third grade. Tom didn’t have any friends in school. He didn’t understand why no one wanted to play with him at recess.

Tom was a bright student. Tom had straight A’s all throughout the first three years of elementary school. Academically Tom excelled and was put into a gifted class with a few other students. For a while, Tom felt proud to be included in this group. It was an honor. There was something missing from Tom’s life however. You see there was this invisible thing that was a part of Tom that no one knew. Tom himself had no idea what this invisible thing was.

The invisible thing was “Asperger’s Syndrome” but Tom would not find that out until years and years later as a young adult. Tom did not talk much to anyone. He was a shy kid who kept to himself during the school day. Deep down, Tom had a secret that no one knew about. Other kids just assumed that Tom did not want to talk to them or interact with them. When Tom’s class went to recess no one came to Tom and asked him to play with them. Secretly Tom wanted to join his classmates for fun games on the playground, but Tom was scared to join in and did not know how to ask or become part of the group.

The other kids ran and chased each other while Tom watched. He was a very observant young man. He tried to watch how the other kids played with one another. But he could never figure it out. One day on the playground at Recess another kid named Sam came to Tom. Tom was very excited and thought that Sam was going to ask him to play a game with him.

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