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Mrs. McGillicuddy #0


K. H. Koehler

Smashwords Edition

“The Clockwork Vampire: A Steampunk Tale” Copyright © 2011 by K. H. Koehler

A Clockwork Vampire: A Mrs. McGillicuddy Mystery Copyright © 2011 by K. H. Koehler

“Steampunk: Modern and Classic Worlds Combined” Copyright © 2011 by Louise Bohmer

Cover art design by K. H. Koehler

This digital chapbook includes adult content. It is intended for a mature audience.

This document is shareware and you may download and distribute it so long as the document remains unaltered in any way. The material contained within this document is Copyrighted to its respective owners. For information, contact the publisher.

K.H. Koehler Books

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