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The Bully

By Carol Davis

Copyright 2013 Carol Davis

Bobby and his family moved into a new neighborhood. Bobby had to leave his friends behind and make new ones. He wondered what the new neighborhood would be like. “What’s wrong bobby. Mom asked. “Oh nothing.” Bobby sighed. “I know, you are going to miss your friends.” Said his mom “Yes I am and I don’t know what to do.” Bobby said. “But you’ll meet new one.” Mom said. “I like my old ones.” bobby said. “Trust me, you’ll be fine.” Mom said, she smiled at bobby. He smiled back and went to his bedroom.

What’s wrong? His sister Kailyn asked, passing by. “I have to make new friends.” Bobby sighed. She sat on the bed beside him. “I know but you’ll be fine. It has always been easy for you to make new friends.” Kailyn said.

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