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Praise for the Book

"The Dawn of Global Sense is a declaration of global interdependence."
-- Dr. Vandana Shiva, author, Stolen Harvest; Water Wars; Making Peace with the Earth

" Judah Freed reveals how ancient male rule and authority addiction restrain our innate power for self-government. Democracy can work, he argues, when we are willing to do the personal and spiritual growth needed to manage our freedom and society responsibly.
-- Thom Hartmann, author, Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight

"Thomas Paine rallied Americans to a new sense of themselves and their possibilities. Judah Freed does likewise for citizens of the planet."
-- Bill McKibben, author, Deep Economy; The End of Nature; Eaarth, Oil and Honey

"There is a hunger for this kind of integrative global perspective. I am extremely enthusiastic about the book!"
-- Francis Moore Lappe, author, Diet For a Small Planet; EcoMind

"The Dawn of Global Sense is compelling in its ideas and wonderful in its personal elements."
-- Herb Goldberg, PhD, author, The Hazards of Being Male; The New Male

" Freed has managed something quite remarkable: A sweeping, ambitious, and holistic approach to replacing what's wrong in the world with what's right.... This is the first book I can remember reading that synthesizes so much into a coherent whole."
-- Shel Horowitz, co-author, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green; author, The Money Flow

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