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My Dream Job With Autism

By Travis E. Breeding

Published by Travis Breeding at Smashwords

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My Dream Job with Autism

Often times, people with autism struggle to find employment. The person with autism might not be the best at a particular job such as being a bank teller, being a waiter at a restaurant, or even working the basic factory job. Someone with autism will likely be more employable in a career that they are interested in and very passionate about. It is likely that we will find employment through our special interest. The special interest is an intense or magnified interest that we know more about than other people would know or even care to know. The special interest may involve inventing objects or becoming an engineer. There are several things that someone with autism will be good at. The problem is that their special interest area may not be something that has a prominent outlook for jobs.

It can be very difficult for someone with an Autism Spectrum Disorder to find employment. It is said today that nearly 80 percent of people with Autism are unemployed. Out of the 20 percent that are employed it is said that only 8 percent are employed full time.

I personally have tried so many jobs. It is not the job that has given me fits or caused me problems at work. It’s the people. It’s the social environment. Everyone wants to chit chat at work. People like to have small talk and I like this too. But, I am not as good at it so I feel left out. I might also say something strange or a little off the subject line and will get poked fun of at work by grown adults. There have been plenty of instances throughout my short work life where I have also been bullied and taken advantage of at work.

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