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My Mind Does Not Work Like Yours

By Travis E. Breeding

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My Mind Does Not Work Like Yours

Throughout my entire life I’ve been trying to be understood. I’ve felt misunderstood since the beginning really. There were times in Elementary School where I was misunderstood. From an early age of just 7 years old my intentions with others were misunderstood or misinterpreted by my peers. To look back on all of those instances now makes a lot of sense. It does! I would say or do something and my peers would look at me strange and I could tell they thought I was odd. At the time I had no idea why they acted the way they did and they had no idea why I acted the way I did. It was a situation where two different people were living in two completely and totally different worlds.

As I continued to get older the gap continued to widen. It was no longer little things that I was doing that were misinterpreted but it was becoming bigger things that mattered more. Now it was the girl who thought I was creepy because of the way that I stared or gazed at her. Now it was the other guys who thought I was an oddball because I didn’t behave like a typical guy would or should. When I was little it was just little things and the other kids would give me a weird look or gaze and then go back to their business. But as I was getting older it was becoming a bigger issue and was more of a problem than I would have liked it to be.

The hardest thing as an adult is to let go of the issue. Carrying these negative things with you will take a toll on you after so long. When you live in a negative image of yourself on a daily basis it is extremely difficult to see yourself for anything else. This is something I’m going through right now is trying to block the negative feedback that I’ve gotten from social interactions I’ve had and find positive traits about myself that I like and know others can like too.

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