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The Conservancy

By T.T. Escurel

Cover Elements

Skateboarder Photo: Elvert Barnes

“Brokenness” Photo: col_adamson

Cover Created by

T.T. Escurel

Copyright © 2013 by T.T. Escurel

All Rights Reserved

Smashwords Edition

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There isn’t going to be a tomorrow…

I used to like school.

I can remember that feeling of wanting to learn. The first day of school was like an adventure. I couldn’t wait to see what else there was to know. There I would be, up extra early, helping drag Mom out of bed, practically shaking with excitement and nerves.

But, as the years passed, I began to grow uneasy. I faced the school day not with the joy of learning, but dread.

Dread of being bored.

The assignments became tedious busy work. Nothing was challenging. My classmates didn’t even notice that we had done the same assignment two weeks before, and three weeks before that.

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