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How to Photograph Abu Simbel and Southern, Egypt

Don Mammoser

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How to Photograph Abu Simbel & Southern Egypt

Don Mammoser

The Southern part of Egypt, near Aswan, has great photography potential, with some world-class locations that photo travelers shouldn't miss. On the western bank of Lake Nasser, about 300 kilometers from Aswan, sits the massive temples of Abu Simbel. Built by Pharaoh Ramesses II in the thirteenth century BC as a monument to himself and to intimidate his enemies, Abu Simbel is supremely impressive and highly photogenic. The nearby temple of Philae, built on a small island in the Nile will also keep your camera busy. The scenes in and around the city of Aswan itself or of Egyptian life on the Nile while sailing on a traditional felucca boat are wonderful extras for this area. Ready your camera!

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