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Styles of Haiku Poems”

Copyright 2013 by L.Brunson
Published at Smashwords

Thoughts of Love”

Glancing at the stars
making a wish on ours
forever for us,

When times can be rough
try to put it all behind
because it’s enough,

Knowing that the heart
can be filled with emotions
from the start, be smart,

It’s a real pleasure
with happiness in your life
that’s nice to treasure,

Remember to care
in all for the both of you
and try not to scare.

The Morning’s Sun”

Morning’s rising sun
the lightness of the early day
what is always pretty.


Leaves fall off the trees
scattering everywhere
with all the high winds.

Stars in the Skies”

At night they appear
twinkling so bright with light
as one wish tonight.

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