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Amish Country

Leroy Smith

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 Leroy Smith

In the near distance, twenty-one year old Merrick, a Columbia pre-law student, is cautiously walking across a farmyard toward a silo in the dark. She’s wearing a white cashmere sweater and a light blue skirt. Debris from a hayride clings to her hair and clothing.

It’s a quiet, chilly night with no moon. It’s country dark. She sees a light flicker on near the silo’s ladder. She calls out. “Hello?”

Merrick walks a little slower. A rabbit bursts from a bush, starting her. She approaches the silo from about 20 yards out. She walks toward the light. “Hello? Is anybody there?”

She hears scuffling noises from behind the silo. She slowly, carefully, begins walking around the silo, counter-clockwise. “Hello? Can you help us? The tractor broke down on our hayride.”

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