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Memories of Love

A Death walks through short story

By Lisa Williamson

Published by Lisa Williamson at Smashwords

Copyright 2013 Lisa Williamson

Sitting at the bar I watched her walk in. The smoky room seemed to grow still as if everyone for just a moment were holding their breath. She looked about and the low lights caught in her hair, glimmering and bringing about a shine to the soft curls that brushed her shoulders. The moment did not last though. She spotted someone across the room and after a breath she moved across the crowded floor to a table at the back of the room.

The dress she wore hugged curves that were truly dangerous and it dipped down in the front to show a generous slice of cleavage. The quick flash of her soft breasts took my breath away, like it always had. I slid off the bar stool and made my silent way toward that table. It wasn't an easy path. The dancers were involved in their own little worlds, gyrating to the beat of an old song that I should know better than I did. The words plucked at memories that were foggy.

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