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Chapter Introduction of Natsuko as an artist

(Studio Horinouchi, Dresden).

Born 1983 in Tokyo.

Social scientist (cultural anthropology and international relations in Tokyo and Istanbul). She has been Livingin Germany since 2008. Studied graphic design for several semesters and currently works as a freelance painter in Dresden, with a focus on ink and wash painting.

Natsuko Horinouchi-Pozimek writes about herself:

During my years of study I was very interested in the Zen-philosophy and culture. It was at that time, that I started with ink and wash painting. A magnificent but also restless life in Tokyo and Istanbul triggered my desire for a calm inner world. Ink and wash painting is a typical Japanese style of painting. It is said, ink and wash painting (Sumi-e) is an art of expressing one’s own soul. It is not based on external shape, but on ones own spirit. It is the calmest art of painting.

I express my deep mental world by one modest reduced line. My inner world is infinite. If I had to express everything through my paintings, I would need unlimited access to paper and ink. In the end there would be an enormous black spot. For this reason, I try to concentrate on one small part of the great story and portray only that. The observer expects a magnificent mountain range behind the minimally painted bamboo, even though I did not paint anything there.

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