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Theatre of the Mind

Writing & Producing Radio Dramas in the Classroom


by Don Kisner

Copyright © 1998, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2013

Balance Publishing Company

ISBN 1-878298-67-4

ISBN 978 1 878298 67 6

Please Note:

This ebook is intended for reference only. No duplication or use rights or sound effects are included with the purchase of the Ebook Edition of Theatre of the Mind.

Classroom duplication and use rights to these materials (properly formatted and including sound effects) are available with the Print Edition of Theatre of the mind. Available on

In addition, a CD Package of Theatre of the Mind is available on the Balance Publishing website:

Radio's Golden Age

In a time before space walks,

moon shots, and cyberspace,

when television was still an unrealized dream,

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