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Dream Magic: Awakenings


by Dawn Harshaw

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Copyright 2013 Dawn Harshaw
Smashwords Edition


Demonic religions make it easier to control the possessed on a mass scale. Such exertion, in turn, gives rise to more religions hoping to counterbalance the foul influence. Unfortunately, both distract the possessed from finding and building strength within.

When encountering a religion or a similar construct, ask yourself: what is its purpose?

- Dreamer's Handbook

"Who's next? Come in, don't be afraid," Merryn said.

A young woman peeked through the half-open door.

Merryn put on his least threatening smile, hiding his sharp canines. "Please, come. Close the door and have a seat." Establishing trust is always critical at this juncture.

The young woman looked around the bare room, and took a seat at the table across from Merryn. She was wearing only a simple hospital gown.

He spent a few moments sizing her up. No visible sickness, demonical malformation, or disturbance of mental and motorical functions. Fearful, but that's understandable. Under different circumstances, he would have found her attractive.

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