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The H2O Diet

How to Eat, Exercise,

Drink and Dream


Jeannette Murueta, DDS

Gene Coates, M.A.

Copyright 2013 by Gene Coates, M.A., Jeannette Murueta, DDS

Smashwords Edition


Cover, “A Splash of Lime,” supernova.

Technical Consultants: John E. Coates, Helen J. Coates

To our parents Eduardo, Bertha, Harry and Helen,

and our children Helen and John,

who inspired us to discover a new way.


Many of us are desperate to redefine our lives, to get out of the rut of unhealthy eating and living, and make a new beginning. But we really do not have any idea where to begin. Unfortunately, amongst that sea of information and propaganda floating around out there, it daily becomes more difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. This book is a determined effort to reduce the task of regaining control of our lives to the basics. We also were a bit too overweight, too fatigued both during and at the end of long days, and too stressed out to reorient ourselves. Let us share with you what we discovered.

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