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Ryan R. Lunde

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Copyright 2010 Ryan R. Lunde

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I anticipated going to school every day because I could talk. Not that I couldn’t talk at home, but my parents never wanted to talk, and anything I said usually landed me in the Closet. My parent’s spirits had dulled. Their will to live was diminished. They didn’t see any point in talking. They simply went through the motions everyday, controlled by the Voice like two robots.

At school, the children talked freely with one another, not during class, but during the few minutes between classes. I cherished those moments as we shared our ideas and desires with each other.

“You may eat.”

The Voice came from the television; the Voice that dictated our lives.

Throughout the day, a woman’s face appeared on the television to give orders to our family. She told us when to wake, when to eat, when to go to work or school and when to go to sleep at night. The times for each event were consistent everyday and it was the same for every family.

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