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This book is a work of fiction. Except for Richard III, all present-day characters are fictional, and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Richard is based upon the author’s assessment from primary and secondary sources. All fifteenth century characters named are used fictitiously. The events, buildings, locations, names, and characters were either created by the author or used fictitiously.

* * *

With love to my parents, David and Thelma Udell

And to the memory of Beverly “Ginger” Dick

* * *


It is my pleasure to thank the many people who have helped me with this project. I could not have produced this work without the generous assistance from the members of Critique Circle (, the award-winning, online workshop for writers. While far more people supported my efforts than I can list here, I am grateful for the exceptional guidance I have received from Beverly “Ginger” Dick, Kelli Gailfus, Fiona McLaren, and Brad Schoenfeld.

Of the many members of the Richard III Society who have helped me, I wish to thank Rollo Crookshank, David Luitweiler, and Brian Wainwright for vetting my historical facts and ensuring that my speculations on the undocumented historical aspects of Richard III and his era were credible:. Any errors that may have crept through after their review are mine.

Many thanks to my dear friend, Ed, whose unflagging support gave me the courage to press forward.

I wish to thank my editor, Janice Hussein; this book would still be moldering on my computer if not for her support.

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