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For Naia

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I am Recktold. I have lived many times upon your planet. I have witnessed the triumphs and struggles of humankind. I have been involved in many of its finest dramas.

I have seen the people of this earth fight each other as they learn the full spectrum of this magical reality. It is a reality upon which we have initiated the grandest of stories. It is a place I have called home many times.

Now my home is in the spiritual realms just outside of this reality looking in on the world I have loved, awaiting my next adventure.

I am here to recount a story we all experienced in a different time and place. Remembering this story may be of help in dealing with the current state of the world.

The world now is in a state of drastic change. Anyone that is not changing along with the world will not be able move into the glorious place that change is taking us into. It is our resistance to change that keeps us from moving quickly into the new paradigm. It is also our resistance to change that makes for drama and trauma.

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