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Using God’s Love To Fight Hatred


Tiffany Jackson

Copyright 2014 Tiffany Jackson

Smashwords Edition

There’s a new girl in town, and everyone wanted to know her. Elizabeth Carter was a gorgeous girl who moved from Michigan to California. She was filled with excitement and fear all at the same time. Her parents assured her that she’d make new friends in no time if she’d just go with the flow.

However, she didn’t like what she was seeing at school. It was one of those schools where the girls rule, and they decide who will be popular, and who will not.

She’d seen those kinds of games before and she managed to avoid them in Michigan, but things were done differently in California. They were giving her no choice but to join their little group.

She arrived at Santa Jose High with dreams of making new friends and breezing through her junior year. She had goals and wanted to get through school and then enter college so she could become a veterinarian. She loved horses, and her family did her one favor when they moved, they brought her horse, Anna. She could never have been talked into moving to California without Anna. She had raised her since she was born, and she was her prized possession.

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