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Deep Space Intelligence : Complete Series

Gary Weston

Copyright Gary Weston 2014

Smashwords Edition

Ghosts of Nyzon Five

Chapter 1

Tagg Raven had seen and heard it all. Been there, done that, got the spacesuit. He also loved a challenge. As an agent for Deep Space Intelligence, not a lot fazed him. Ghosts, though, that was new even for him.

'Nyzon Five is a shit-hole,' he'd told his Boss. 'A nothing planet in the middle of a nothing solar system. And it's cold. You know I hate being cold.'

'Nobody else available. You're it. Oh, come on. Ghosts? That doesn't light your fuse, Tagg?'

'So send a priest or something. If I can't smack it in the face or shoot it, I don't want to know.'

'You believe in ghosts?'

'Only ones that haunt my nightmares. What's the plan?'

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