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No More Nightmares

By Clark Merchant

All rights reserved

Sometimes when a child has a nightmare, its spirit escapes to linger. Have too many nightmares and they fester and manifest into terrible things. In many cases it becomes the child’s worst nightmare. In some, well let’s see shall we?

Sam. Sam the man as his friends called him. He loved scary books, scary films, and scary songs. The result of which would be a new nightmare each and every night. The hour would strike twelve, a scream, a light switch, a loving hug from mother and back to sleep. But while Sam slumbered evil was brewing, deep in the black of his darkened room, where the retched shadows of his constant nightmares gathered under his bed. It was not long now, not long at all. Until they had all the power they needed.

Many months past but Sam’s nightmares did not. As Sam’s room collected more and more ghoulish toys and Vampiric artefacts, so did his nightmares fester, until one cold and lonely night. Sam awoke with a jerk. Looking nervously at the shadows on the wall Sam was trying to remember what nightmare had scared him so much this time. Then he heard a whisper from under the bed. “We’re going to eat you” whispered the spirits. Sam froze starring at the ceiling. He listened intently for any sign of a voice. The menacing shadow of his door slowly past over his bed and fell out of shape against the wall. Then Sam slept. The sun rose and broke away all the shadows bringing with it a brand new day. Sam woke up and told his mother that he didn’t want to have scary things in his room anymore. His mother devoted the entire day to expelling any nasty toy monster or scary looking books and pictures out of his room. However, his mother being a grown up, did not know of the shady beasts below his bed and left, them well alone.

That same night, Sam was tucked into bed given some milk and a good night kiss. “Now then no more nightmares Sam. Remember there is no such thing as monsters. Good night sweetheart.” Said his mother whilst leaving the door ajar and heading off to bed. Sam looked about his new clean room and fell peacefully to sleep. In the night the villains plotted and planned. They snickered and smirked. They bickered and burped, until. “We’re going to eat you” They whispered through Sam’s pillow. Sam’s eyes opened. He couldn’t move. He was much too scared to move. “We’re going to eat you Sam” whispered the spirits “We’re going to eat you all up” they added. Below the spirits had formed from shadow to solid, from bitter to evil and from scary to deadly. Sam could have switched on the light. He could have screamed for his mother, but he did not. “We’re going eat you Sam” the spirit whispered once again. For a moment there was nothing. Then in half a breath Sam’s ankles were grabbed by the spirit. It was black and cold, with sharp red eyes piercing into Sam’s soul. “We’re going to eat you” said the spirit as the clock struck twelve “From your toes!” A scream, a light switch...

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