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He Said You’d Come


Vanessa Carvo

Copyright 2014 Vanessa Carvo

Smashwords Edition

Bethany Daniels awoke from her sleep, feeling a tug at her heart. She had an immediate need to go to prayer. She felt the bitter cold, although the temperatures were warm. Quietly, she crawled from the bed, leaving her husband’s side. Feeling the wood plank floor beneath her delicate feet sent shivers down her back, causing her body to shake.

She had experienced it before, and she could only hope that her long-distance family was fine, and not in any danger. Gazing at her sleeping husband, she noticed that he had thrown all the covers off, yet she was freezing. She knew the signs and felt he had a touch of the flu, or, it was a sign from the Lord, calling her to prayer.

Grabbing a throw and wrapping it around her shoulders, she made her way into the stillness of the living room. Her children, sleeping off to the right; wouldn’t be bothered during her time on her knees. Slipping down to the floor, she knelt on her knees, huddling inside the blanket. Offering a time of peaceful silence, she waited to see what He might say.

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