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Chapter 1

“Anna. ANNA!”

Anna shook her head and looked at the social worker, who was staring at her in disbelief. The social worker went back to talking to the principal. The principal seemed perfectly nice, well rounded and talkative. However, Anna still clung to her uniform, which she had been given a few days before. Looking around the room Anna saw the merits and the teacher certificate on the walls, announcing that the principal really was qualified.

Looking back at the animated conversation, Anna found herself wondering what this school would be like. An all girl school was something new for her, but going to a high school was new for Anna anyway. She hadn’t been to a school for quite some time.

But the thing Anna wasn’t happy about was the boarding. She didn’t want to have to meet anyone but to be by her self; but boarding was nevertheless essential for Anna, as had no home anymore.

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