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The book you hold in your hand is the unintended result of over 15 years of thinking, reading, and writing. The character of Artemis Bridge and his cast of supporting characters is a latecomer to the party. At first, he was meant to function as his namesake – a bridging character whose adventures set the stage for the novel I’ve been trying to publish since around 2005. That original series of novels which I started writing in 2001 was the main attraction. Bridge was a way for me to promote my writing online, to get my name out there to hopefully influential people who might one day want to pay me for that original series of novels. But in writing Under the Amoral Bridge, I found that I really dug the character of Artemis Bridge. He was a complete bastard, someone I could never sympathize with and could never like. But he was a great character to write. And before finishing this novel, two other novels started to write themselves in the back of my mind. Once I’d had some resting time, I began work on the second Bridge novel, which has just been completed and fully published online as The Know Circuit, found at The three novels, supporting short stories and GlobalPedia pieces all form the tapestry I call The Bridge Chronicles.

Publishing the novel serially on a blog was an idea I’d toyed with before, and it’s helped me tremendously. I write more because no matter how few or how many hits the site gets, I feel an obligation to get that piece out there because someone might actually want to read it. Though I missed a few deadlines with Under, I’m happy to say that I didn’t miss a day with The Know Circuit’s publishing schedule. Now that it’s done, I intend to write the third chapter in the sequence and publish it online in the same manner as the previous two. In the interim, I will be writing at least one other Bridge short story and some supporting pieces, most of which will go online at the aforementioned web site to keep people interested.

But if the contents of this book and the sequel are available for free online, why am I self-publishing a physical edition or selling an eBook version? The most obvious reason is that I’d like to get paid for my work. It was over six months of my life, after all. Secondly, my hope is that more people will read a story of this size in a physical (or eBook) version than they will in chopped up bits on a blog. To give the non-free versions some added value, I’ve included an unpublished Bridge short story as a bonus. The story Feeding Autonomy will not appear on the web site or in a free version for the foreseeable future. Shortly before the third novel is published online, I plan to release The Know Circuit in a similar physical edition, and it will also include an unpublished Bridge short story.

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