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A short story by

R. Bromfield

Copyright © 2011 R. Bromfield

Smashwords Edition

School starts tomorrow so my big sister Patricia has locked herself in her room and isn't coming out because she says she's fat.

In fact, it looks like she won't go to school ever any more. Mom's talking to her all the time through the door but she's not going to budge. She has a chair wedged under the handle and won't let anyone come in, except me. I'm Patricia's little sister Katie. I'm only nine and, as everybody knows, little kids are invisible so I can get to stay in Patricia's room with her, even when the rest of the world is forbidden. I'm only going into grade five tomorrow so that's no big deal. Not like high school where there are all kinds of big kids from all different neighborhoods. I can understand how it might be a bit scary for Patricia -- especially if you're fat.

This situation started a few weeks ago but I guess it really got bad last night when Mom asked her what she was going to wear for her first day of school. That's when Patricia got all mad and went stomping up stairs and started slamming doors and everything.

Me and Mom went up and Mom said "Patty, what's wrong sweetheart? Is it something I said?"

Patricia was really mad. "It's nobody's business, and don't call me Patty."

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