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Sex Is Better With Tattoos


Susan Hart

Copyright 2014 Susan Hart

Smashwords Edition

June 17, 2013, San Lucus, Islands, Email.

Hi Tye! I know you'll never forget the incredible fuck scene in our bedroom that night. I'm wearing a red pair of high heel pumps, both my long legs throw wide open as our innocent face, big humped nosed friend, the wine grower, his brown hair swept backwards, tried to quell my sexual desires using his eight-inch-thick plow dick.

My long red hair is wet in perspiration from getting dick fucked. I stared down at the action. He hurtled his pelvic against my quivering wet sloppy slot with such enthusiasm, I had to laugh. My flawless white luminously naked skin inspiring his raw earthy lust. As you say, my bare luminous white skin, except for Thalassa's ten temporary blue-dick tattoos all on my forearm drew the men to me like plants bending toward the light.

Our wine grower friend had two of Thalassa's pink vagina tattoos on his forearms; so I knew he had a lot of fuck energy still left to stir up the lust in the damp fuck hole under my hips. He wanted to get me pregnant. I thought you should know. He's obsessed with growing things, I tell you, Tye.

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