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Protectors of the Realm

By: Robert Penner

Copyright 2014 Robert Penner

Smashwords Edition

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Protectors of the Realm: A Dark Moon Shadow back-story.


Before the time of men, before the need, before we...

It was not by chance, but a must that the Protectors emerged from the mist of the forest, like a vanquished spirit returning to the place of its origin. Twelve beings created by one, each wielding a power equal to the other, and totally relevant to his personality. Competent in their own right to serve and protect the city each was assigned. The world of men had proven to Dankward that if his land; his realm, was to survive the egocentric nature that held their greed in place, he would have to intervene. This was not only to preserve the beautiful harmonious nature that God put in place, but to protect the men from themselves, and from other unknown mysterious creatures and tribes from across the Great Divide, and the Great Sea. Selfishness was, in part, a reason to create the Protectors, but most importantly a longing for peace and quiet; to live and pursue without struggle and want.

Elberoth stretched from the Snow Capped Mountains in the east to the sea shores way to the west. Many patches of plentiful green forest, woven through by strings of rivers and full bodied lakes, dotted the land. Man had grown for centuries, teaching each other and exploring. Upon each year the new discoveries enriched men’s mind and man became more than the previous. Cities were built; weapons forged, and out from the ashes of violence a structure was set in place...the line of Elberoth.

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