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Henry VIII’s Kitchen Wench


Helen Keating

Copyright 2014 Helen Keating

Smashwords Edition

Eleanor was from poor peasant family, which lived far from the palace. Her father had never been to see the King and her family would gain no special favor from his court. It was only by a long stretch of relations that Eleanor was ever able to leave the hovel in which she’d been raised and to make a new home at the bustling palace of King Henry VIII.

Working in the King’s kitchen though was a world unto itself. Those working in the kitchen rarely saw anyone who did not. In six months as a palace cook Eleanor had never laid eyes upon the King or Queen.

The work was tedious and frenzied from morning to night.

Even so, rumors of the King and his various romantic exploits accompanied the cacophony of crackling cook fires and clanging pots every moment. When at last Eleanor would first lay eyes upon the King, she'd be surprised to find him at half the stature and twice the arrogance as the kitchen gossip had suggested.

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