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Future of the Earth: The Linchpin

J.G. Contor

Copyright by Jacob Glenn Contor 2013

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ANDER 325: over six hundred years after mankind stepped on another planet, their technology of interstellar travel grew exponentially. The first humans stepped onto a planet orbiting another star in the year 2706, where they met the inhabitants of that planet; a planet the inhabitants call Daegra. The people of Daegra worshipped these star farers as gods, and the human influence on the Daegran population revolutionized their culture and technology. Overnight the Daegran species went from little scientific achievement to an integrated and intergalactic culture.

After years of close proximity living, scientific exchange, and massive cultural disillusionment, Daegran factions broke peaceful relationships with the human presence on their home planet. Their goal was to eliminate the human intervention. In the year 2744, war broke out on Daegra. War crimes littered with brutality brimmed with hate and malice, and the Daegrans forced their previous allies—their gods—off their planet, and back into space from which they came.

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