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Mail Order Brides: A New Life In The West


Helen Keating

Copyright 2014 Helen Keating

Smashwords Edition

Mail Order Bride: The Victorian Orphan Girl

You there! Get back here!”

Beatrice panted even though she was barely trotting away from the policeman wielding a baton. She stuffed the pilfered roll into her mouth as she urged her weak legs to carry her a little faster. Beatrice knew the bit of bread wouldn’t grant her instant strength or speed. It wouldn’t even sustain her until the next meal she was able to scrape together.

However, she’d needed something. Anything. In addition, she thought she’d been discreet. It was just a little roll, after all. No one was going to miss it.

I see you!” the policeman bellowed, making Beatrice jump, but it was hard for him to slip through the crowd of people she was darting through. Ever so often, it paid to be as slight as she was — even if it was symptom of not having enough to eat.

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