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The Ice Princess


Katie M. John

©2011 Smashwords Edition

Amongst the glaciers where the ice flowers bloom, lies the Castle of Forgetting. It is a cold place, a bleak place – a place where nothing warm can exist with any form of comfort. Here, even the living, feel dead to the touch.

It’s a place you’ll never see; a place of the imagination – a place of nightmares. The ice is like glass and it cuts deep. Before you could even reach it, your body would be dressed in scarlet ribbons of blood as you crawled, hands on knees, the jagged edges piercing both flesh and soul. The cold would make you sleepy and heavy, as if the breath of Morpheus is suspended in the mist. All you will want to do is fall into the warmth of yourself; into the warmth of forgetfulness.


Sebastian had dreamt of this place fourteen nights in a row. Dark circles had grown under his eyes and he now looked like a thing haunted by a terrible woe. At seventeen, Sebastian knew what it was to be frightened; the land he lived in was a dark land full of terror and fear but even so, it was a relief to wake. Despite the pain and the hunger, here his feet touched warm earth and the sun beat down on his back. Here the blood flowed warm.

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