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Raising Seven Children Who Love God


Vanessa Carvo

Copyright 2014 Vanessa Carvo

Smashwords Edition

Out on the prairies, open skies for miles as far as the eye can see, lily fields spread across lands filling our senses with delight and sensational thrills. Everywhere you look you can see God’s hand upon the earth, raising the hills unto mountains, laying the streams unto rivers.

The blue of the sky is like the egg of a bird, twisting into shades of varieties for our pleasure. Beasts of the wilderness given the freedom to roam and to scout, sharing amongst each other the will of survival, and the crisp cool morning breezes wakening you to the duties stored within your heart for the day.

These are the precious times we have lived our lives in, knowing that there is a God known to man that delights in our obedience and rewards us for our undying faith in Him. There is no greater thing for one to know than to know the Lord looks down upon you as He is able to see His Son in our lives.

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