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Note from the Piers d’Avignon:

Buckle yourself in for the exciting saga of the vampirenism and vampirization of Miss Taffney St. Cloud. Check your inhibitions at the door! Prepare to be shocked, amazed, thrilled, and chilled as you enter the realms of mystery that brush all too readily right up against our everyday lives in suburbia, USA.

This document will be updated frequently with additional chapters as the saga unfolds until the adventures of our heroine are complete, or, heaven forbid, until the darkness enfolds us, and her, entirely.


Note from Paul Hawkins:

This is but a fragment, published by myself at the request of my friend, the mysterious Mr. d’Avignon, who is a true believer in the supernatural and who went missing shortly after sending me this initial installment. He vouches for its authenticity, and his sudden absence convinces me that, this time, he ventured upon something larger than he could handle. But he is a resourceful man and kind of thin and wiry for his age, and in any case he thinks he is British and can use his accent to talk his way out of any jam. If he manages to contact me and send further installments, I will publish them.


Chapter the First

Taffney St Cloud was a somewhat fat, dark-haired college student new to the town and new to Sunvalleydale Local Regional College. None of the popular girls liked her and they told their boyfriends that they had better not like her either, so Taffney was very much alone. She had to eat lunch all by herself and everything.

But Taffney had a dark secret she did not share with them, and it was the reason she had moved to a new town and a new school in the first place. Sometime in the recent past, Taffney had undergone... the vampirening.

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