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Hedge Fund

Hedge Fund, The Novel

Holger Berndt

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2009 by Holger Berndt

All Rights Reserved

ISBN 978-0-615-22558-6

Hard Copy Available at

The story and characters in this book are fictional. Any similarities to real people or events are purely unintentional.


It was an early Saturday morning in Silicon Valley. The sun was beginning to shine brightly as Jasper Weatherly sat in his Range Rover, drinking the last of his barely lukewarm coffee while scrolling through old emails on his BlackBerry. During the hour he had burned in this office building parking lot, signs of life had been scarce. Maybe he had made a mistake the day before, and this was all for naught.

The lot he was in was deserted, except for the shiny new Jaguar convertible parked near the entrance to the building behind him. As he sat idly waiting for something to happen, his eyes were drawn to the car’s image in his mirror by its beautiful lines and his own lust for sports cars. Meanwhile, the only activity in the area consisted of the odd car driving by on the adjacent street.

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