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Mail Order Bride: Sally The Orphan Meets Her Parents


Bethany Grace

Copyright 2014 Bethany Grace

Smashwords Edition

New York City was a lonely place for all the people who lived in it. Sally tried to stay positive about her living situation, but the truth was that she just couldn’t understand the idea that out of all those people living there, she was the only one who believed in God.

Sally understood that the thought was an exaggeration. She knew that there had to be other Christians tucked away somewhere in all of the nooks and crannies in the enormous city. However, if there were good ones — truly pious men and women — she didn’t know where to find them.

She tried to be open-minded. She really did. Nevertheless, Sally knew that if she left her mind too open, the devil might try to slip in and do her harm. God was very specific in what he expected out of his flock, and Sally never, ever, wanted to disappoint her creator.

Growing and selling her own fruits and vegetables out of the small plot of earth behind her tiny cottage allowed her to come in contact with people from all walks of life. Women in furs who smelled of the richest perfume were sometimes the rudest of all, so concerned with vanity that they didn’t have room in their perfumed hearts for the Lord.

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