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David and Goliath

A short story by

R. Bromfield

Copyright (c) 2011 R. Bromfield

Smashwords Edition

My friend Sara Allen likes big men. Not big strong men mind you, big fat men. I've tried and tried to understand it but I have to admit I can't. Everything else about her seems normal. She's not big herself; she probably doesn't weight more than 115 pounds, if that. But she keeps getting into these really intense situations with big fat guys all the time. The thinnest guy she ever had a crush on was well over 270. When they're out somewhere, which isn't often because fat guys are that way because they don't go out much, but when they do, people are staring at them and I know they're saying things like "What's that pretty girl doing with that guy?" and "She must be his sister or something." or "Maybe she's a nurse."

One thing worth considering is that her father is a minister who has a weird little church where the congregation is all fat -- at least most of them are. Sara's father, Father Allen, kind of specializes in helping people that are, what do they call it, morbidly obese? He's always going out on house calls where he does these really intense prayer meetings with people who are stuck in their homes. Sara's mom was a little like this but she died in a bizarre airline accident that no one ever talks about. She was on her way to Denver to have her stomach stapled and she got stuck in the washroom or something. That's really all anyone outside the family knows. Actually Father Allen is a pretty large man himself and maybe this is an important clue to Sara's attraction to these big guys. Everything at their place is about the fat people. There's even a big Muslim couple who come to see him but that's only on Saturdays.

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