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L.M. Pruitt

Copyright 2014 L.M. Pruitt

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New Orleans, 1875

I sat at the long dining table, not quite able to believe the headlines which screamed from the front page of The Picayune. I rubbed my eyes, blinking rapidly, sure when my vision cleared I would see things differently. But no—the bold font never wavered.

War Over!

United States of American People Surrender!

King Bienvenu orders execution of President Lincoln!

I studied the black and white pages, my lips curving in a reluctant smile. Bienvenu—at least our new vampire king had a Creole surname. My parents—may the Virgin Mary bless and keep their souls—would have approved.

It was, without doubt, one of the few things they would have approved of concerning the strange new world born in the last few years.

Setting the paper down, I picked up the latest notice from the doctor, exhaling a slow, steady breath. The doctor, the butcher, the grocer… every account which had been opened on credit was in danger of defaulting. Despite the provisions made by my father before he left for the War, the money was almost gone.

The only thing left in my possession—the only thing which could not be taken from me—was the house.

Unfortunately, if the character of the neighborhood continued to slide in to the gutter, even the house would be worth next to nothing all too soon.

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