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Susan Hart

Copyright 2014 Susan Hart

Smashwords Edition

Though they couldnt see him, they were now very aware of something moving very steadily and deliberately through the maze below. Its breathing echoed up through the corridors in the darkness.

The search for some logical explanation within Trinas mind gave way to images conjured out of the myths and legends that shed read a thousand times. Stories she loved but had always taken as simple, entertaining allegory and nothing more until today.

Before now, Trina thought that she had been prepared. She had let her lust for adventure lure her in a way that she rarely allowed. She was now realizing what a chaotic whirlwind all the moments leading up to this had been. She was faced with the realization that she hardly knew her strange companion Mithros at all.

She asked herself if she could genuinely trust him and she could not be sure. She had little choice now though. She looked at him across the dark hole in the earth that they were both poised over and saw the excited smile upon the face of the handsome, older gentleman that had lured her into this little adventure initially. She had already gotten the sense that fear was as foreign to Mithros as she was.

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