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Reclusive Billionaire Found Dead

Pine Bluff Key, FL – Reclusive billionaire Marcus Keegan was found dead Monday on his island estate, Keegan's Point. He was 96 years old. No foul play was suspected.

Keegan had lived alone on the island for 66 years, never leaving.

Shipton, Leland, and Kane, a law firm in Miami, is managing Mr. Keegan's estate. No services are planned.

In unrelated news, Shipton, Leland, and Kane have agreed to accept a mental incompetence plea from a former paralegal who embezzled, and then gambled away, $30 million acquired from several of the firm's wealthy clients. She has been ordered to complete a mandatory gambler's addiction program, followed by several years of probation.

Chapter 1 – The Point

Yesterday 12-year-old Charlie Parker would have given almost anything to see Keegan's Point, but that was yesterday, right now he wished he had just stayed in the bed. His biggest problem this morning was his presentation in fourth period. Since then he had been beaten up by a bully, lied to his mother, and kidnapped by three total strangers. And, as if the day couldn't get any worse, no one even knew he was missing.


“The Mystery of Keegan’s Point, by Charlie Parker,” Charlie’s mouth was dry as he stared at the words on the page. He didn’t even notice when his friend Toby sat down next to him on the bus. “The Mystery of Keegan’s Point, by Charlie Parker.”

“So, you gonna wow them with that one line over and over again, or you gonna maybe read the next one?”

“What?” Charlie looked up, and noticed that his friends were now on the bus.

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