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Demon Born

By Avery Duncan

Copyright 2014 Avery Duncan

Smashwords Edition

Chapter 1

Aspen flipped the page to her book, snuggling even deeper under the covers. The heroin was just about to break into the bank, and even Aspen could feel the anticipation, the excitement. She had a feeling that soon enough, the hero was going to jump in and make her chose the right decision—which was skip the bank and get into bed with him.

Five more paragraphs down the page, and her worst nightmare was confirmed. Bree Smith ran face-straight into Chase’s chest! Damn him, Aspen thought, thumping her hand against the bed. And of course, in just two more pages, Chase, the “do no wrong” man in the romance novel, was dragging Bree back to his place.

She closed the book with an angry snap, casting it evil glares. It just figured that Bree would get so caught up with Chase that she ditched her mission. If she didn’t get the money, how was she going to take care of the daughter Chase didn’t know about?

Furious, she kicked the book off of the bed and jerked the covers over her head. The fact that she was getting angry over fictional characters made her angrier.

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