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I began to search for images of the Goddess and her sacred serpent. To my surprise, I found ties between the two in prehistoric times, in ancient myths and images, in the Middle Ages, and in the present day. When I looked at the myths of Asia, Australia, and the Americas, I again saw the correlation between Goddess and snake. Clearly, the symbols and images have been with us for a long time.

This book pulls together the varied myths and tales of the Serpent Goddess to illustrate the meaning of this prevalent icon. It is my hope that readers will gain an understanding of the power of the snake, and will use the knowledge in reclaiming this primordial power in their own lives.

This work is a revised version of the 2003 print edition published by Ecce Nova Editions. It incorporates editing changes and additional content. The 2003 version is now out of print but copies may be available at most online retailers.

Table of Contents


CHAPTER 1 The Primordial Serpent Goddess

CHAPTER 2 The Serpent Goddess Overthrown

CHAPTER 3 The Renewing Serpent Goddess

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