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For my beautiful niece, Larissa Lunt. Without you, your idea, and your thirst for more, this book would have never existed.

For my muse, and gifted actor, Matt Lanter. Thank you for being you, sharing your talent, and helping Vance to come alive in my imagination!

And for “The Vance Gang.” Here’s to world domination!

Chapter 1

This was something very unusual— at least it was for most sixteen-year-old girls. The fact I was even getting to experience this now had been the result of a huge compromise on behalf of my parents. They wanted it to happen at a much later date, but the circumstances changed, and the situation demanded we change with it. The discussions had been long and arduous, the pros and cons weighed heavily before any agreement was reached. Even now, I was pretty sure my mom and dad were still having terrible misgivings, though I could see they were trying to put on brave faces and be supportive for my sake. I appreciated that.

“There.” My best friend, Shelly, finished what she was doing, stepping back to survey the result. “You look beautiful!”

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