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If you can’t make it as a great man, at least be a good man – (H 2006)


Many books of quotations give you a collection of wise and wonderful sayings, which, although grand within themselves, may become somewhat dry as one wades through them and thus become useful as reference only. On attaining the milestone age of 60, I look back at the quotations I have collected over the past 50 years, starting with the very first one, given to me by my father when I was 10 years old:

Know thyself, accept thyself, be thyself”

No, not Shakespeare, Alexander Pope

Why did I begin this collection of oddities, wisdom and nonsense? Because everything I have collected or created has meant something to me, then as now, and each quotation collected or created shows a moment in my personal development, sometimes happy, sometimes cynical, sometimes sad.

Who is this book directed to?

Encouragement to a ten year old boy to now start making his own collection to see where his life takes him, or perhaps for reflection with a 60 year old friend of where our lives conjoin and where they differ?

Or simply for me and to my wife Athena and our children, Stafford, Nicole, Scott and Russell and their children, too?

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