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Sands of Soul: A Journey to Heal a Troubled Mind

Mary C. Moore

Copyright 2010 by Mary C. Moore

Smashwords Edition

She stands tall, high, on top the dune.

The desert wind softly caresses her neck.

A deep breath.

Her hand rests lightly on the animal standing tall at her waist. He looks up at her, the depth in his green eyes expressing the fires of life.

Her soul moves through the sands, swirling with the ballet of the wind. Humanities sorrows dance by, teasing her dark hair in the breezes, intertwining with the joys.

The desert stretches out in front of her. Whispering—enticing her.

In her mind’s eye, her past calls her back, her ego sings for her, her self beckons her to—to remember. She walks to the edge of her memory.

Curious she reaches a hand to the velvet inkiness. Her fingers make contact. The past rushes at her, anxiety, hatred, disgust, loathing, apprehension, anguish.

She falls back, tears streaming down her face. With a moan of agony she collapses to the ground. The darkness presses in. Her body trembles. Remembering is pain.

A furred touch.

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