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NMC: The Longshores Rising Page: 137

The Neo-Monagasque Chronicles:

The Longshores Rising

By Michael Messina

Creative credit: Jonathan Osif

Edited by: Jere Lawrence

copyright 2014 Michael Messina

Smashwords Edition

Year: 2382

Location: Unknown

The stale smell of spent ions permeated even the hardened bio-organic armor mask covering Garland’s face. His presence radiated a palpable threat to those around him, despite his moderate stature. He tossed his umber mane back and glared impertinently at the desperately struggling townspeople. Down the hill he could see the scattered remnants of the town’s insurgents fleeing into the woods, being pushed by the Neo-Monagasque Imperium’s ‘light armormen’.

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