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We slowly scan the myriad of electronic instruments which cast a faint glow in the craft. In the center of the ship is a capsule. The capsule has a clear top and obviously contains the body of a man. Electronic equipment in the background buzzes and lights up. Something is being activated. A moment later the ship is bathed in a spray of bright white lights. There is a series of electronic clicks and switches going off and the capsule unlocks. We see the clear cover pop up about two inches. The man inside seems to gasp for a moment then sucks in a lung full of rich, life giving nitrogen and oxygen. Although he still remains unconscious it's now obvious to us that he is indeed alive and will recover. We continue to scan the little ship, as we do we can see several pieces of electronic equipment become activated.


Indicates time passage.


The man is now conscious. He has pushed the clear plastic cover up and to the side and is now sitting on the edge of the suspended animation chamber. He looks like he has been asleep for a long time, he unzips his uniform and scratches his chest, he stretches and yawns. The man looks around the interior of the vessel, he attempts to stand and his knees crumble underneath his weight and we watch helplessly as he falls to the floor.



He pulls himself across the floor to a command chair which is firmly attached to the floor of the vessel. Once there we watch as he uses all his available strength to pull himself up, until he is finally sitting comfortably in the seat. He uses the electric option by his right hand to press a button. This button, he discovers, allows him to recline to a more stable position. On the control panel directly in front of him is a large two to three inch red button. The label underneath it reads "INTRODUCTION AND INSTRUCTIONS". The man reaches over and presses it. Some additional lights appear and a monitor screen lights up directly in front of him at the ship's ceiling line. An image appears of an elderly man. The man does not appear too friendly and seems to be all business! This is obviously a pre-recorded video display. The man on the screen begins to speak.

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