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This business plan provides you with everything you need to know regarding what is required, what is optional, and what is not needed to establish and operate an ice cream business. The business plan includes all the relevant sections that both financial institutions and private investors are going to be interested in reviewing in order to assess the viability of your business. Financial institutions want to see that, firstly, your personal finances are in order, that you are credit worthy and that, secondly, you have a firm grasp of the financial operations relative to running a business. These issues are addressed in section six which outlines personal financial statements and in section eight where the primary financial tables are displayed.

There is an expectation by financial institutions and investors alike that the process of assembling these financial tables proved to be both a practical and educational experience in determining costs, expenses, and investment requirements. However, this business plan is also intended to offer you a door to another opportunity. An opportunity characterized by freedom from the typical 9-5 routine and the freedom that comes with the pride of founding and operating your own business enterprise. And, of course, the delicious ice cream helps make the hard work all the more worthwhile and palatable!

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