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Cyber Lover

What are you wearing?

The question caught Catherine by surprise. She stared at the computer screen with eyes wide open. She quickly reminded herself that this was a cyber sex session, and she shouldn’t be intimidated by the naughty innuendo. A hot flush heated her cheeks, and unexpectedly, wanton aches stirred from the depths of her sex.

Cat was surprised she was turned on by a simple inquiry. In real life, she wasn’t accustomed to such an encounter. Prude was what her friends and family called her, and she could live with that. But now that she finally decided that she wished no longer to be in her lonely cloistered shell, she dared herself to try something new. Something wicked and outrageous. Cybersex with a total stranger. After all, it was only a nameless, faceless fuck. It wouldn’t hurt anyone, right?

What am I wearing? Cat instinctively groped her flannel pajamas. It wouldn’t be sexy if she told him she was wearing this kind of thing, would it? Grinning, she hammered her fingers on the keyboard, I’m in my white lace panties and matching bra that I bought from Paris. Which wasn’t all lies. She had visited Paris last month on a business trip and bought some sexy lingerie from Le Bon Marché in Saint-Germain-des-Près. Only she didn’t have the guts to wear it. The slinky ensembles found a new home at the bottom of her drawer.

Her cyber lover, who went by the screen name Maxx7, typed back, I bet you look breathtakingly sexy.

Cat almost laughed. Sexy was the last way she’d describe herself. She never felt sexy in her full figure body, comparing it to today’s standard. If she put on some makeup and cleaned up a bit, she knew she looked presentable. She inherited flawless skin and bright green eyes from her mother’s side. Her smile was sympathetic, someone had told her once. But sexy? Naah.

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