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The Truth Lies Beneath Your Eyes

Published by Nzingha Keyes at Smashwords

Copyright 2011 Nzingha Keyes

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Chapter One:

Familiar place with a brand new face

“Refrain please, from everywhere and anywhere and don’t stay near ‘cause I don’t care who you are. Please remove yourself from in the way of the sunlight, much appreciated,” the girl said. Ugh, am I really smart or are people getting immensely dumber as time passes, She thought. She turned back, half snarling as the striped hood that covered her head slipped back enough to let in a ray of sun in her eyes.

“Dude, move,” she said. He stayed in his position trying to read the manga novel she had in her hand that was now closed. “Listen you nosy-ass-fucker, you’re in my light and now my air space,” she said standing up on the staircase reluctantly, because she was in absolutely no mood for this guy and his bullshit.

“Temper, temper,” he said.

“Shove it, your ruining my peace,” she said Jumping down the stairs to go lean on the parked cars. The bell rang to head inside; she did just that while making sure to shove passed the asshole she encountered this morning.

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